20 Weird Facts About Harry and Meghan’s Romance That Prove Just How Unconventional It Really Is

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were never going to be a normal royal couple. He had, for years, been the “bad boy” of the royals. He was even literally caught with his trousers down while partying in Las Vegas. Meghan, on the other hand, was a sophisticated actress from America, and had been married before. Between them, the couple shook up the royal family like no one had in years. Here’s 20 things which demonstrate their unconventionality.

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20. Harry chose to wear a wedding ring


It’s a little-known fact that royal men don’t actually wear wedding rings very often. Prince William is very happily married to Kate Middleton, but you won’t see a ring on his finger. Princes Philip, Edward and Andrew don’t wear theirs either. But Harry decided he would, and the band, made of platinum, is proudly displayed.

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19. The wedding cake was non-traditional

Usually royals have fruit cakes for their wedding – it’s a tradition that dates all the way back to the time of Queen Victoria. But Harry and Meghan wanted something a little different, and weren’t afraid to go for it. They had an elderflower and lemon cake, created by London baker Claire Ptak. It was covered in fresh flowers and looked absolutely delicious.

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18. Meghan was baptized before the wedding

Before Meghan married her prince, she was baptized into the Church of England, the religious organization Queen Elizabeth is head of. She didn’t strictly have to, but she chose to do it anyway. The exact details of the ceremony were kept secret, but reportedly Prince Charles and Camilla were there. Afterwards, the Royals invited a number of guests to celebrate at Clarence House.

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17. Meghan hinted at her relationship with Harry before it was confirmed


Back when Meghan was a working actress, she maintained an Instagram account. After she was romantically linked with Prince Harry in 2016, people pored over it to see if she’d dropped any hints… And she had. One photograph was of two bananas cuddling, with the caption “Sleep tight.” Was it completely innocuous, or a confirmation? People went wild trying to find out.

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16. Meghan was allowed to spend Christmas with the Queen

It was once considered a no-go for unmarried, non-royal women to attend Christmas services with the Queen, even if they were engaged to royal. Even Kate Middleton wasn’t allowed to attend before she was Prince William’s wife. And then Meghan came along and changed all that! While still Harry’s fiancée, she spent her 2017 Christmas Day at Sandringham with the senior royals.

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15. Meghan has an unusual coat of arms


An unexpected perk of marrying into the royal family: you get your own coat of arms! The rays of sunshine and blue backdrop of Meghan’s represent California, the actress’s home. But while Kate Middleton’s coat of arms was for her entire family and represented them all, Meghan’s was just for her. No family name was included.

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14. Meghan might have been dating someone else when she met Harry

Did Harry and Meghan start off in a love triangle? Reportedly, the former actress was actually someone else’s girlfriend when she first encountered the Prince. She was romantically linked, sources have claimed, to Cory Vitiello, a chef. When the Telegraph newspaper tried to gain more information in October 2016, they only got “no comment” answers.

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13. One of Meghan’s engagement dresses was quite risqué


Most of Harry and Meghan’s engagement pictures were unremarkable, but one did raise some eyebrows. In it, the former actress was wearing a sheer dress – which is considered a little inappropriate for a royal. But not only was it a beautiful outfit, it wasn’t actually see-through. It was lined, so Meghan’s modesty was left intact.

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12. Harry confirmed their relationship with an angry statement

After a spate of tabloid newspapers bombarding their readers with speculation about Harry and Meghan, the Prince decided he’d had enough. In November 2016 he took the surprising step of releasing a statement revealing that they were indeed in a relationship. But he didn’t stop there. He then told the press to stop harassing her. “It is not right that a few months into a relationship with him that Ms. Markle should be subjected to such a storm,” read the message.

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11. Meghan attended Pippa Middleton’s wedding


Pippa Middleton isn’t royalty, but she is Kate’s sister, so her wedding was always going to be an important event. She apparently had a “no ring, no bring” rule, meaning no unmarried couples. And yet, Meghan got to go to the reception despite not being married to Harry yet. Reportedly the pair sat apart – as did every other couple, as that’s a tradition at formal affairs.

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10. Meghan used code to discuss Harry

While Meghan was still working on her TV show Suits, she was desperate to not let any info about her relationship with Prince Harry leak. So when talking to her friends on the set, she used code words. “She met this nice guy and we always talked about him in code, really,” her onscreen father, Wendell Pierce, told Harry Connick Jr in 2018. “You know, ‘How you doing?’ ‘Oh, I’m going to London, coming from London, whatever.’”

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9. Meghan quit her social media accounts


Many people can’t live without social media, but you have to if you’re to become a royal. When her relationship with Prince Harry became serious, Meghan began closing her websites and accounts. The Tig, her blog, was taken down, and then her Instagram disappeared. However, fans of the mom-to-be can still keep up with her via the official royal online channels.

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8. Meghan’s mother might be joining the Queen for Christmas

The Queen is known to follow royal protocol to the letter most of the time. However, she seems pretty cool about inviting people over for Christmas. Apparently, Her Majesty has invited Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, for the 2018 celebrations. “It’s a mark of the Queen’s respect for Meghan and an acknowledgement that she doesn’t have any other relations in this country — unlike Kate who has the support of a very close family,” a royal insider revealed to the Daily Express in November 2018.

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7. Harry and Meghan got engaged fast


Prince William and Kate Middleton were on-off for ages. Prince Harry and Meghan, though, got serious in a remarkably short space of time. They had been dating for less than two years when the engagement announcement came. People speculated about whether Harry wanted to tie the knot quickly before his elderly grandfather, Prince Philip, passed away or became too ill to attend.

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6. Meghan is more political than most royals

Meghan was an activist before she even met Harry, campaigning for gender equality and against poverty and slavery. Royals are supposed to never get too political, so technically Meghan shouldn’t let her opinions be known anymore, but she still does. Royal insider Lady Colin Campbell revealed to the Daily Beast in 2018 that Meghan’s politics were “an issue.” She is also apparently anti-hunting, something the royal family loves.

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5. The wedding took place on a weekend


When the couple chose the date of their wedding, Prince Harry and Meghan once again deviated from royal tradition. While Prince William, Prince Charles and the Queen had all married during the week, Harry and his new bride wed at the weekend instead. Possibly, this was to allow more people to watch it, as they wouldn’t be at work.

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4. Meghan’s half-sister has slammed her in the press

Unfortunately, not all royal siblings are as amicable as Pippa Middleton. Samantha Markle, Meghan’s half-sister, has frequently spoken to the press and the internet about Meghan, plus her mother, Doria. It’s fair to say that not much of it is very nice. She also apparently has plans to release a book called The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister. Wisely, the Duchess has completely ignored her thus far.

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3. Harry had to ask the Queen’s permission to marry


During the 1800s, King George III passed an act demanding that his descendants got consent from their sovereign before getting married. That tradition still survives to this day. Prince Harry had to ask Queen Elizabeth, his grandmother, if he could marry Meghan. He probably wasn’t worried she’d say no, though, because she never has before.

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2. They go all out on the PDA

It’s rare to see Prince William and Kate Middleton even hold hands in public, as they thoroughly subscribe to the “no public displays of affection” part of royal guidelines. The same goes for the Queen and Prince Philip. But Meghan and Harry are newer, cooler royals. They constantly hold hands, link arms, kiss and all sorts. But it’s never gross, it’s completely adorable!

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1. Meghan got a divorce


Before the wedding, there was no small amount of discussion about the fact that Meghan was a divorcée. The royal family has long disapproved of divorce, and their history is full of it causing trouble for them. But times have changed enough for it to be much less of an issue. “It’s not a problem,” Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby told Sky News in May 2018. “The wedding is going to be wonderful.” And it was!