You Probably Didn’t Know These Things Were Making Your Hair Greasy

Some of us are in a constant battle with that dreaded affliction – greasy hair. Shampooing, of course, will keep the problem at bay, but it’s not much fun to have to wash your hair every day. However, it seems that avoiding certain habits can help to counter the greasy-hair curse. And it might well surprise you to find out which everyday things can make your hair more prone to becoming greasy.

4. You have dandruff.

Dandruff is something we all want to avoid. But did you know that scalp psoriasis, to give dandruff its medical name, can actually be a cause of greasy hair? That simple fact comes as an unwelcome shock to many. Dandruff flakes can trap oil from your scalp and actually increase the greasy look of your hair. You can solve this problem with the right medicated anti-dandruff shampoo.

3. You’re stressed.

Too much stress is no fun and it can compromise your mental and physical well-being. But did you know that stress can actually make your hair greasier? Well, it turns out that it can. Stress can knock your hormonal balance out of kilter. And that in turn can cause your scalp to release more oils, making your hair greasy. So finding stratagems to cope effectively with stress can have the added bonus of making your hair look great.


2. You touch your hair too much.

Brushing your fringe away from your face or running your fingers through your hair are almost entirely unconscious actions. But those seemingly trivial habits can make your hair greasy. That’s because even with regular washing, your hands pick up grease and dirt in everyday life. So when you touch your hair, you’re transferring those deposits. It may be hard to break the habit, but if you’re a regular hair fiddler, try to become conscious of your actions so you can put a stop to them – or use a comb instead.

1. You often wear a ponytail.


For lots of activities such as running and swimming or for simply wanting to look neat for work, a ponytail can be just the thing. But tightly bunching your hair against your scalp can create a kind of dam or blockage. And that can lead to a build-up of the oil that your scalp naturally exudes. The result? Greasy hair! Nobody’s saying you can never wear a ponytail, just don’t do it too often.